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was, in this way, born…


Maison de la Chapelle is inspired by wineries that preserve the prestige of Burgundy wines and is dedicated to Irancy and the Yonne terroirs, to this unique northern Burgundy!


Maison de la Chapelle, is our working environment, it’s where the grapes become wine. Fermentation, maceration, ageing and bottling, everything takes place in the respect of time and authentic gestures.


Maison de la Chapelle, is also our home, it’s a place for friends and sharing experiences. The simple expression of  “Home made” for us, means what it says.


Delphine & Grégory Viennois



Delphine & Grégory Viennois


Burgundian roots


Delphine is Burgundian and comes from a family of winemakers. Her professional life has always been linked to the prestigious wine houses of Burgundy.


Gregory is also Burgundian. A graduate in œnology, he learned the trade from Nadine Gublin at the Château de Chamirey in Mercurey and from Jean-Pierre de Smet at  Domaine de l’Arlot. In 2001, he went to Bordeaux to vinify at the Chateau de Smith-Haut-Lafitte, Grand Cru from Graves. He then met Stéphane Derenoncourt, wine consultant, who he assisted until 2004. His career continued when he became Technical Director for Michel Chapoutier and Director for Ferraton Père et Fils.

From 2011 to 2022, Grégory is technical director of Domaine Laroche in Chablis. At the same time, he continues his work as a consultant for Quinta Do Monte d'Oiro in Portugal, which he has been accompanying since 2006.

Since 2023, Grégory has been combining his work as a winemaker at Maison de la Chapelle with that of an advisor. This sharing of experiences and this community of experiences further roots Grégory and Delphine in this sensitive approach to vines and wine, close to a spirit of companionship.


The treasured appellation of Irancy


Irancy has nearly always worked the vine as shown in a manuscript dating from 861.


The appellation covers 300 hectares, of which about 180 are planted just a few kilometres from Chablis. Nestled in the hollow of a cirque and overlooking the Yonne Valley, the sloping Vineyards are quite remarkable. Being south facing , it has a mild and sunny micro-climate, sheltered from any cold north winds.


Irancy’s picturesque position is enhanced by the inter-mingling of strips of vines and cherry orchards which also form part of the historical identity of this region. With this rich agricultural biodiversity, Irancy  has always been a natural enclave for the maturity of pinot noir.



The Climates,

a cultural exception… in the heart of Burgundian wine culture.


Unesco World Heritage listed the vineyards of Irancy  in July 2015 as "Cultural heritage" . A precisely defined  parcel of land coupled with the pinot noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, a traditional “savoir-faire”: climates are a very exacting  interaction between humans and nature.


Maison de Chapelle was created from a desire to fully embrace this heritage; this is why we chose to develop vintages derived exclusively from grapes from individual parcels. Each of our lieu-dits has a unique and individual character. The Irancy Wine appellation is sustained by this complex mosaic of climates and our wines reveal and respect all its complexity.



A land of choice for the Pinot Noir, the exclusive grape variety for red Burgundy wines.


Pinot noir grapes accentuate their rare quality of originality by presenting variations on a theme. Combining  soil, position and orientation, the resulting wines are all derived from the same rootstock but are astonishingly different.


A pinot noir planted on The Begnaux , The Bâtardes or The Beaux Monts climate, is nothing like a Pinot noir from Renouel, Paradis, Palotte or The Mazelots.

The Irancy appellation is rich in diversity of expression and is strongly linked to the prestigious Burgundian appellations.



Closer to the grape


"Revealing the innate flair in a locality is the only thing that matters to us."


Maison de Chapelle is working in close partnership with Brice Garlan, vinifies and matures unique wines, enhanced by the rigorously selected climates. The care given to the vine forms the base of our collaboration from the vine to the cellar with perfect fluidity.


We harvest the grapes manually and we sort them on-site. They are partially de-stemmed, in our cellar and  then put in small tapered wood barrels. We love to work gently, taking our time. Our wines are matured in “bourguignonnes” of  2-3 wines. As little intervention as possible , a minimum of technology, light filtration, we respect our vineyards at each step of the process.



Wines with attitude…


Two climates of very different characters.


Les Beaux Monts, South facing, near Les  Mazelots on a very steep slope, is made up of  clay and limestone. It has a very sunny climate. The wine from here reveals flavors of luscious cherries, Violets and Peony. Combined with gentle tannins, it expresses suaveness and gourmandise.


Les Bâtardes, North-West facing, is rather cool. The flavors express themselves with  red fruit and intense notes of Madagascan pepper, a typical characteristic of the  minerality from this terroir. Combined it gives the wine its chiseled character.


Bâtardes, Beaux Monts, Mazelots, Paradis, Renouel, Bégnaux: this wonderful selection harmoniously combines flowers, red fruit  and spices. The result is an accessible Irancy wine, as gourmand as it is refined, with a wonderful sensation of juicy freshness and crispness in the mouth.



delphine & grégory viennois

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delphine & grégory viennois

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